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Link to a panorama movie from this location - wmv 19 MB - 180 panning from left to right, namely north-west to south-east, ending at the inscribed stone above.The DPA Short Walks group probably welcomed the usual coffee break at the halfway ppoint, here on Dewerstone Hill, more than usual because it was a glorious, sunny, warm day. Cadover Bridge car park, River Plym, Cadover (Cadworthy) Bridge, Cadover Cross, Cad-a-ford, cairn cist, Cadworthy Tor, Dewerstone Rock, Neolithic double-walled structure, Bronze Age single-walled enclosure, hut circle, Dewerstone Hill, plaque, rock inscriptions, L stone (Lopes boundary), summit cairns, BA stone(s), Common cottongrass, kerbed cairn, old china clay lakes, Dartmoor ponies, Hare's-tail cottongrass, C (County) stone.

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The medieval track ran from Plympton to Stony Cross aka Shaden Moor Cross, which is near the summit of Shaugh Moor on the Plympton-Cadover road, following the line of the modern road to near Cadover Bridge.

A sidebranch turned left for Wigford Down, up past Cadaford Cross (Cadover Cross, pictured above) as an alternative route over the Down, with a sidebranch left at the wall corner (up from the cross) to Urgles Cross for Shaugh Prior.

This photograph was taken to try and show the inscribed cross that is centred between the arms of the cross .....

The nearby farm is Lower Cadworthy Farm, where "worthy" is from the Saxon "worthig" meaning a one-family smallholding (in Devon Place Names) and Cad was a name for the River Plym .....

From William Crossing (1912, reprinted 2001) Crossing's Guide to Dartmoor, Peninsula Press, Newton Abbot, page 436: "In the charter of Isabella de Fortibus, 1291, the river is called Plymma from its source downward, and and the confluence is thus referred to, "locum ubi Mewy cadit in Plymma".

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