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According to INN Guidelines, once a name has been published as a r INN it will not normally be modified further and is ready for use in labeling and publications on drug information.Current INN lists can be viewed on the World Health Organization website.No, the USAN Council reviews USAN applications continually throughout the year. and July—is primarily to review and set policy, review INN Expert Committee decisions, discuss multiple round negotiations and address open negotiations.

Sponsors who plan to market a salt or ester must name the form that will be marketed.

Please keep in mind that the USAN Council could—and often does—recommend changes to the suggested names initially submitted by an applicant.

Lately, more and more new stem requests are received by USAN staff.

The USAN program assigns a USANM to a substance when another form of it has already received a USAN.

If the parent substance does not have a USAN, the sponsor must apply for a new USAN.

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