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If you like the person you could choose to do more with them and continue on your day.

If things don't workout you can both go your separate ways. Mate, I'm fucking useless until I've had breakfast. Need 3 cups of coffee and some food in me before I can contemplate talking on any serious level1 - Don't go for the kill on the first date, if you are intending to build a relationship.

Some are focusing on the specifics of what you said rather than the general point.

Just have a plan of what you want to do when you're asking.

This is so difficult for me to get through my head.

I will spend an hour talking to a girl who I think is way out of my league and convince myself that either she's just being polite or whatever instead of realizing that maybe she might be at least a bit interested and I need to show some confidence Your objective isn't to please them.

Don't put up a fake persona.4- listen attentively.5- find a common ground to talk about6- Humor is a must, don't force it tho, let it out naturally.7- DO NOT KEEP LOOKING AT YOUR CELLPHONE8- look clean and tidy I never use my phone on a date, but I still remember my first date with my current girlfriend we went to a brewpub to try some craft beers while we met, and I use Un Tappd to check in beers I've tried. Amusing that the one time I used my phone on a first date was the best one I was ever on. I think a phone can be used to enhance a conversation if it's used as part of the experience you're sharing with the other person, as in your example, or to look up something you're both wondering about. Show picture of thing you're talking about, that's fine. I always just send it to someone if I want them to see it.Your objective is to be as genuine as possible to give them the necessary information to decide to go on a second date. As a mid-late twenties professional predominantly aiming to date other professionals, I always aimed for 6-630 after work drinks.This doesn't mean that you should aim to be unpleasant; it just means that you shouldn't compliment everything about them and bend over backwards to their every whim. I think this is good advice for anyone but if you don't know the person very well, for a first date, I would suggest getting coffee or ice cream. That way, if the date is going well, and you can turn it into dinner, or you can beg off as "have to do xyz tonight" after an hour or so." because they are thinking of spending time with their partner. There is no need to have an extravagant dinner or a whole evening plan for a first date. A lot of guys tend to become really nervous on the first date (I do it as well) because they want to impress the girl and want to be sure she likes them.My best advice is do something simple that you enjoy. You are trying to get to get to know a person, no need to give your best capabilities on the first shot. If you think about it, the first date exist to be see if you like each other. Don't hear what the other person is saying and plan in your head what you're going to say next.

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