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The department is authorized to designate and monitor receiving facilities, treatment facilities, and receiving systems and may suspend or withdraw such designation for failure to comply with this part and rules adopted under this part. When the administrator of the facility or secretary of the department deems release to a qualified researcher as defined in administrative rule, an aftercare treatment provider, or an employee or agent of the department is necessary for treatment of the patient, maintenance of adequate records, compilation of treatment data, aftercare planning, or evaluation of programs. Notice that the individual, the individual’s guardian, guardian advocate, health care surrogate or proxy, or representative, or the administrator may apply for a change of venue for the convenience of the parties or witnesses or because of the condition of the individual. When such declaration has been made, the administrator may authorize the release of sufficient information to provide adequate warning to the person threatened with harm by the patient.Additionally, the Legislature finds that the use of telemedicine for patient evaluation, case management, and ongoing care will improve management of patient care and reduce costs of transportation.s. 397.675, a basic screening or triage sufficient to refer the person to the appropriate services. 397.675 may also be transported by law enforcement officers to the extent resources are available and as otherwise provided by law.

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394.463, the law enforcement officer shall transport the person to the appropriate facility within the designated receiving system pursuant to a transportation plan. For purposes of this part, the term does not mean isolation due to a person’s medical condition or symptoms.“Service provider” means a receiving facility, a facility licensed under chapter 397, a treatment facility, an entity under contract with the department to provide mental health or substance abuse services, a community mental health center or clinic, a psychologist, a clinical social worker, a marriage and family therapist, a mental health counselor, a physician, a psychiatrist, an advanced practice registered nurse, a psychiatric nurse, or a qualified professional as defined in s. Procedures for receiving complaints against a designated facility or designated receiving system and for initiating inspections and investigations of facilities or receiving systems alleged to have violated the provisions of this part or rules adopted under this part.s. When a law enforcement officer takes custody of a person pursuant to this part, the officer may request assistance from emergency medical personnel if such assistance is needed for the safety of the officer or the person in custody. The prevention may be by physical barrier or by a staff member who is acting in a manner, or who is physically situated, so as to prevent the person from leaving the room or area. Procedures and criteria for designating receiving systems which may include consideration of the adequacy of services provided by facilities within the receiving system to meet the needs of the geographic area using available resources. Such company must be insured and provide no less than 0,000 in liability insurance with respect to the transport of patients.It is the policy of this state that the use of restraint and seclusion on clients is justified only as an emergency safety measure to be used in response to imminent danger to the client or others. A receiving facility is not required to admit a person charged with a crime for whom the facility determines and documents that it is unable to provide adequate security, but shall provide examination and treatment to the person where he or she is held.It is, therefore, the intent of the Legislature to achieve an ongoing reduction in the use of restraint and seclusion in programs and facilities serving persons with mental illness. If the appropriate law enforcement officer believes that a person has an emergency medical condition as defined in s.

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