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Instead, he worked with his clients, reflected on the therapy process and, at a certain point, he advanced a set of hypotheses (1957) about the causes of constructive personality change.

He presented the theory so it could be tried out by others and so it could be used as a basis for further research on psychotherapy.

One last thought on the blockchain issue: It's even lampshaded at one point that his sacrifice "did more harm than good".

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This situation, of many evolving therapies which are often referred to as client-centered therapies, is confusing to students and confusing when one wishes to discuss differences in therapy practice with colleagues.

This development in client-centered theory opened the way for practitioners from many different therapeutic schools to incorporate the basic premise and thypothesesees of attitudinal conditions into their own therapy without abandoning their original orientations.Client-centered therapy can be described in terms of the theory it shares with the other person-centered therapies and by its distinctive features.My view is that client-centered therapy is a distinctive and important practice and that it can be defined as a practice and its parameters clarified.He has always encouraged and supported research projects and theorizing by others.And, very importantly, his presentation of the theory in terms of attitudinal conditions, not techniques, fostered openness to different ideas about therapeutic practice.

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