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Moreover, normally a video surveillance software will constantly hog the CPU but Camera Viewer Pro is very intelligent and uses merely 0%-1% of the CPU during monitoring.

The only thing that you may want to change in the settings after adding a camera is the Frame Rate which by default is 1.

Out of all the video surveillance software listed on this page, Genius Vision NVR Cm E is the most difficult to use and configure because of the different terms that are being used on the program.

You can find the ability to manually record or automatically record based on schedule, detect motion, embed a text overlay to frames and a web server for online streaming.

It also includes a player to play the MJPG recordings.

If you are looking for a video surveillance software that is packed with features, Netcam Studio is the answer.

Apart from the common features found in a video surveillance software, Netcam Studio has audio detection, license plate recognition, sync recordings to Cloud and NAS.

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