Abusive or intimidating behavior in the workplace

I have shared many a story of 'my experiences' in the business world and yes... Virginia Grams Bullied At Work And On Facebook I have been coping with flu. One episode was so bad I thought I was going to die. Backstabbed By A Female Coworker Using "Sex" Card I’m a male, working at a nuclear power plant where we have two refueling outages a year. For years I have suffered social anxiety and depression … From Teaching Post In High School To Non-Teaching Post In Office I was working in a production department as a senior technician for about 17 years . I Did It In 'Actions' (It Didn't Hurt) I now fully understand … Australia Mc Donalds Bullying In The Workplace I am suffering with bullying at Mc Donalds.

These outages last about 30 days and during this time we do all … Homophobic Bullying At University Has Long Lasting Effects I am writing to relate an unpleasant incident of bullying that I experienced as an American Studies and English Literature student at University. Working With An Unsupportive Supervisor - Part Two Continued from Part One ... Then on a/c of medical compassionate ground and urgent requirement … Only it is the managers that are bullying me so I feel so stuck that I cannot do anything about it! Bystander Sees Sweet, Smart, Hard-Working Coworker Bullied At Work I just feel incredibly bad for a woman at my job.

She has raised a complaint against me now regarding my starting times on my …Not An Isolated Incident, At Several Workplaces You should look carefully at the workplace environment, as you may find that the bully has targeted others who keep quiet until privately asked if they …Workplace Bullied in NH Resulting in Severe PTSD I worked in the Educational Field, (High School) for 6 years.I have never had much trouble with my students, but this … This will seem long winded but I was a computer tech for over 20 years.Widow Wants To Publish Story Of Husband's Betrayal By Boss My husband worked in a small town grocery store managed and built the meat department to a huge success in less than two years. Bullied At Work And Want To Reduce Notice Period By One Day I am being bullied at work and have luckily found a new job but in my last week I have mentioned it to HR and my manager as the sooner I am out of this … I got tired with the white collar world as a contractor and got a job with the …

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