Accommodating resistance equipment

Keywords: variable resistance, band, baseball, chain, resistance training Introduction Successful skill execution in baseball often requires the development of force over a short period of time.Strength is critical to developing force rapidly and is integral to the baseball skills of batting, throwing, and running.following a 9-week training program using chain bench press, in baseball athletes.Conversely, significant gains in maximal upper body strength were observed in collegiate basketball, hockey, and wrestling athletes after a 7-week training program of elastic band bench press compared with one of plate-loaded barbell bench.Training and testing sessions for all subjects were conducted under the supervision of a CSCS, during the off-season training period.Procedures 1-RM maximum strength For evaluation, 1-RM bench press testing was conducted twice, to determine upper body strength.The 5-week band CAT or chain CAT phase was part of the larger 14-week off-season training program and occurred during weeks 6–10.

Next, athletes completed a supervised (by the CSCS) warm-up before testing, to ensure that the intervention exercises were performed correctly.

Patients and methods: Twenty-four National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) collegiate baseball players, who were familiar with the current strength and conditioning program and had a minimum of 1 year of formal collegiate strength and conditioning experience, participated in this off-season training study. Subjects were matched following a maximal effort (1-repetition maximum [1-RM]) bench press test in week 1, then were randomly assigned into a band-based CAT group or a chain-based CAT group and participated in a 5-week training phase that included bench pressing twice per week.

Upper body strength was measured by 1-RM bench press again at week 6.

A 2 × 2 mixed factorial (method × time) analysis of variance was calculated to compare differences across groups. Conclusion: A 5-week band CAT or chain CAT training program used in conjunction with an off-season strength and conditioning program can increase maximal upper body strength in collegiate baseball athletes.

Using band CAT and/or chain CAT as a training modality in the off-season will vary the training stimulus from the traditional and likely help to maintain the athlete's interest.

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