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Elsewhere in a giant pool, French swimmer Camille Muffat edged out American Allison Schmitt by only .3 seconds to win the gold.To give you an idea of how close that is, hold a giant baguette in your right hand and touch the wall with it. Because nothing is more riveting than seeing barely developed underdogs rise to the occasion, and tiny boned favorites collapse under pressure.

But no one really paid attention to what he was saying because even after decades of seeing him on TV, they were still not over the fact that he looks exactly like Captain Kangaroo:.)So many highs, plenty of lows, but that’s what these Olympics are all about.I’m a woman, with solid bones and a hearty grip, and never in my lifetime has someone approached me and said, “You. Moms, dads, swap your baby’s rattle with a barbell and don’t ask any questions. This was the women’s 53 kilo clean and jerk, meaning the competitors could weigh no more than 117 pounds while lifting Oprah’s combined weight-loss meat over their heads.Tai Pei’s Hsu Shu-Ching, above, “hard jerked” 270 pounds over her tiny head. Judging by her haircut alone, I would have handed Shu-Ching the gold and thought nothing of it.Your heart just broke for Wieber, who stood in the O2 Arena with tears streaming down her face.But then you remembered that this meant more camera time for Raisman’s parents, and the world once again made sense.

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