Another friend dating ireland

I have been receiving emails from this site and I have never even signed up. They have sent me emails about my account username and password.It looks like they have set up an account for me to try and lure me into their site which made me suspicious of their intention - to rip money off me, that is!!! I was a member of Another Friend on a couple of occasions. Boasting 800000 members but at peak time have barely 600 online. They use the most dirty methods to get you to pay even using women to contact you and tease you into sexual encounters that never happen. Stores Financial information and bills in advance on a recurring basis without consulting members. Randomly generates 'new' accounts against old email addresses to try to lure back old members.bloody rip off , how can this be allowed to go on, not sure if you talking to a computer or real people, you get to message them and then you are blocked and always asking you to pay money to continue, i will spread the word on sites and will email the irish news papers to tell them them to warn people of this sham of a site, playing with people's feelings, you money making fu-kers Clunky site. Read the T&C and you realize you will never get away from them. It was only when i was getting close to people in conversation that they suspended my account in order to extract upgraded membership.They suspend you if you mention ANY geography in an email. I found this to be a very callous way by the site to get people to upgrade.Gráinne Barry, Managing Director of comments “ has over 60% market share of the Irish Online Dating market, with over 11million page impressions and 250,000 unique visitors monthly.The acquisition of Maybe gives us a secondary brand in the Irish market, with a strong and loyal customer base, and enables us to provide a separate service offering to the Irish market.

Why fuss with installing anything on your phone when the Irish friends dating site is totally mobile friendly.

These guys do not operate under dd appeals process but continuous payment authority hence it took me a while to track down how I get the bank to chase these guys.

The continuous payment authority is open and these guys are taking advantage i.e.

they can present your details anytime no question and help themselves to your money.

Of course when I asked them where and when did I opt in I did not use the site as it had no credibility with me I go no response.

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