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is an alphabet used to communicate in Arabic over the Internet or for sending messages via cellular phones.

It is a character encoding of Arabic to the Latin script and the Arabic numerals.

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Video chat and chatting with Arabs will be the same as chatting with other people although it can be a bit hard if you do not share the same language.

There are some translator sites that are available online that can help you say what you would like to say when you are doing free Arab video chat but this does not always guarantee that your main thought will come across since some translators are always wrong.

It differs from more formal and academic Arabic transliteration systems, as it avoids diacritics by freely using digits and multigraphs for letters that do not exist in the basic Latin script (ASCII).

Thus, the Arabic chat alphabet has become commonplace. Conservative Muslims, as well as Pan-Arabists and some Arab-nationalists, have viewed Arabish as a detrimental form of Westernization.Most of these technologies originally permitted the use of the Latin script only, and some still lack support for displaying Arabic script.As a result, Arabic-speaking users frequently transliterate Arabic text into Latin script when using these technologies to communicate.Many users of mobile phones and computers use Arabish even though their system is capable of displaying Arabic script.This may be due to a lack of an appropriate keyboard layout for Arabic, or because users are already more familiar with the QWERTY keyboard layout.

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