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Women may use a support pessary to support their prolapse for a number of reasons including: It may well be that by pessary devices can help women with pelvic floor exercises by lifting and supporting prolapsed tissues – this has not yet been confirmed (but is currently being investigated) by studies but this is a plausible theory.It is a surprising that more pessaries are not fitted to help women to exercise with a prolapse and avoid prolapse symptoms with exercise.

Pessaries have been used for centuries by women seeking to manage pelvic prolapse.

It should be possible to fit a finger around the outside of a well fitted pessary.

It is useful to know that you can empty your bladder normally with the pessary in place comfortably before leaving your pessary fitting so that it can be changed if necessary.

Unfortunately many women don’t know about how a pessary may help them better manage their prolapse symptoms and help to avoid prolapse surgery.

A pessary for prolapse is a support device that is inserted to sit high within the vagina.

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