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“We’re partial, so we would vote for him to go up to the majors,” Pamela recently told TMZ.“But it’s not up to us.” Tebow going to the majors isn’t entirely fantasy as he continues to improve at Double-A Binghamton.The Philadelphia Convention adopted the current United States Constitution on September 17, 1787; its ratification the following year made the states part of a single republic with a strong central government.

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By the 1870s, the national economy was the world's largest.However, the Senate, part of the legislative branch, must agree with all of the people the president chooses. The President's treaties or appointments of officials need the Senate's approval. The Vice President of the United States serves as president of the Senate.In practice, the vice president is usually absent from the Senate, and a senator serves as president pro tempore, or temporary president, of the Senate.At 3.79 million square miles (9.83 million km²) and with about 306 million people, the United States is the third or fourth largest country by total area, and third largest by land area and by population. economy is the largest national economy in the world, with an estimated 2016 gross domestic product (GDP) of US.57 trillion (23% of the world total based on nominal GDP and almost 21% at purchasing power parity).The United States is one of the world's most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations, the product of large-scale immigration from many countries. The nation was founded by thirteen colonies of Great Britain located along the Atlantic seaboard.

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    The most laid-back city in a famously laid-back country, Darwin’s far northern location has it closer to Indonesia and Papua New Guinea than Sydney or Melbourne.