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These articles are placed in a location and later found to be missing, seemingly for no apparent reason.

Popular labels that have been applied to such events include the ‘disappearing object phenomenon’ (DOP) and ‘just one of those things‘ (JOTT).

These two online courses give students an education in the field of parapsychology by providing a comprehensive understanding of paranormal phenomena. AIPR Advanced Certificate in Experiential Parapsychology. This course is run for groups of students who like to experience psychic phenomena directly. To find out more, click here: AIPR Experiential Course. Almost everyone has a ‘ghost’ story involving paranormal phenomena. To find out more, click here: Poltergeist and Haunting.

The current talk provides an overview of reality, consciousness and ASCs, evaluates seven analogous interpretations of ASCs, and discusses how these analogies may assist our understanding of ‘otherreal’ experiences.

There are many different schools of thought on poltergeists and haunt phenomena and theories abound on the causes of each.

An alternative view is that while ASC experiences may not be ‘real’ in the framework of reductive materialism, they nonetheless possess authenticity.

Generally, both perspectives agree on the biological bases and phenomenological structure of ASCs (the ‘what is happening’ aspect).

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