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After gathering extensive historic information, she formed a theater group and began a movement about two years ago to restore It.It has become a kind of community project in Warren.Seats from a torn-down Fort Wayne theater have been installed, the stage has been restored, an antique organ imported and plans are to restore paintings on the roof. - uui men ouiyiii asucu, wiiai uues cisic uur tfiti teattorfi - ."It's really been a lot of fun." she says, "and I've gotten a great deal of support from the community." About 56 people belong to the theater group, and it has produced a series of performances. V id A, t9 Weston just gave a wide, gap-toothed grin and tid: 11;-; "Nuthin V' And Elsie did exactly that. V rr r Af fjr i W A V 4V j TL j 5 I J longing to Celestine Applegate of Warren, looked fgood. old necklace." Florence Ashbrook looked as if she could have danced all night in one the ballrooms of the Titanic as a Southern belle returning to Virginia from a season abroad. way people are dressed, the ppsic, the dinner." he said. Johnson, husband of titt S restaurant's owner, played Urel ship's captain, presiding over the head table at the dinner fo J-78."Well." Ilnicki sighed, "she is potty trained." So it went with the dog audition. Jason Smyth, 3, son of Steven and Janice Smyth, Indianapolis, wandered on stage and did an impromptu rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner.The Pulse Opera House, located above the local coin laundry, dates back to 1884. Silas Pulse, a former captain in the Union Army, decided Warren needed culture and an opera house to put it in.He tried Canada-with the same result, so he went to France and became a Red Cross ambulance driver. #9926 Q: What noted NY church contains memorial windows to such stage stars of the past Joseph Jefferson, Edwin Booth, John Drew, and Richard Mansfield? The Church of the Transfiguration) is on East 29th Street in NYC and was used in the Woody Allen film : ”Hannah and Her Sisters,” and there is a scene from the church when Woody attends a concert there while attempting to convert to Catholicism.#9925 Q: Who, after reaching the age of 35, gave up his seat on the stock exchange to devote his life to painting? A: At the advent of railroad transportation, the caboose served as a lookout to watch the engine up ahead.

It was started by Homer Laughlin and his brother Shakespeare.

Homer got top billing and the firm grew into one of the largest in the US in the 20th century.

#9918 Q: Which art glass is named for a bird with brilliantly colored feathers found in tropical regions of the Americas? was named for the tropical bird with brilliant colored feathers.

T It was audition day for "Lucky the Wonder Dog." An ad had been circulated: "Super-Talented Dog Wanted! 311 brushed, curried, be-ribboned and highly imitated, , : .

" J 3 Owners had come from all around with their super-talented dogs from as far away as j Huntlngton and Fort Wayne. jf Some were hostile, some were amorous and t others totally bewildered.

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