Auto updating apps on android

Scroll to the bottom and look for contact info there - it's usually an email address and a website for the author/developer.If you located the website of the author, on that website you will usually find a contact page and links to the author's social media pages, which you can also use to get in touch with him.There are several options for that, here are two of them: 1.If you have the app installed, open it and, within its menu, look for an About/Contact section where you should find contact info. Open the Google Play Store and search for the app you need.Now that you located contact info of the author, write to him and explain your problem, asking for an APK file of the older version you need to install.If you can't wait for a reply from the author, try method 2 below.Since we can't guarantee that any APK file downloaded from a repository is 100% safe, we strongly recommend you use Method 1 above first.

You can create your own custom update channels for devices. Select the channel to start a new update (see the Start an update section for more information).To push a software update for your products, you need to determine which update channel on which to push the update.There are four standard channels for every product: These channels are non-editable (but you can create your own custom channels).Method 2: APK Repositories There are sites from where you can download APK files, called APK repositories.You can search for them on Google, but you'll need to determine which ones you can trust, because downloading APK files from unknown sources means that those APK files could have potentially been modified to include extra bits of code, like advertising and so on.

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