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" For the purpose of this document, that is not acceptable. So I moved your second suggestion to the second line (which I think makes more sense? Go to Tools, Options, General, and click "Update automatic links at open" Exit Word - if it asks if you want to save, say Yes. or you could put the code in your macro like this: Sub Document_Open() Application. This box still pops up even when I do a manual update in the document_open module as you've suggested.

I need them to update automatically, not on prompt or with F9. Thank you for your response, but it does not solve my problem. scid=kb; EN-US;330079 I know that your version is 2003, but I haven't found (yet) any references to your problem in word 2003 This introductory course to Windows 7 environment will teach you about working with the Windows operating system. will try to find out, but dunno if will find anything I tried opening it using the open and repair... This linkfixerplus looks like it is intended to repair broken links. I'm not a programmer, so please forgive my ignorance) to have this: Sub Document_Open() Application. I'm trying to get it so that it updates all of my links automatically on opening the doc, without a prompt to update them.

If you delete a cross-reference in a document, the cross-reference as well as the associated text is deleted.

For example, if the following cross-reference is inserted in a document: See “Creating cross-references” on page 1 If you delete the cross-reference, the cross-reference is removed from the document catalog and the text “See “Creating cross-references” on page 1” is deleted from the document.

Every time you open the document the reference links update themselves automatically. You can also try selecting the Update fields box in Tools Update Fields (this updates fields prior to printing). if you see that this happens once in a while, just do the close/open thing and it should work again.. Acseven, I am aware how to update links manually and how to set it up to update before printing. I've tried all the code you've recommended, no luck. So when you do Control A, F9 your links don't update? And ANY macro should run properly when put in a Document_New (if it's a template) or Document_Open (if it's a doc) module.

I want these to update automatically, when the document opens. It won't update automatically because I can't change those cross reference links to automatic. Sorry if I'm being thick, I guess I just need you to clarify these for me again.... And the macro is running, it's just that I'm still getting a prompt to update links after the macro runs and before the doc finishes opening (which is what I'm trying to get rid of).

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You can choose any of the formats when you insert a cross-reference in a document.

For example, you can choose to only display the heading text, and not include the page number in the cross-reference.

For details, see To update the cross-reference, click Replace.

However, in this case, you might inadvertently also delete any adjoining text.

When you insert a cross-reference in a document, you need to select a format to associated with the document.

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