Awstats not updating

Running '"/usr/share/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -update -config=localho st.localdomain -configdir="/etc/awstats"' to update config localhost.localdomain Create/Update database for config "/etc/awstats/" by AWStats version 6.95 (build 1.943) From data in log file "/var/log/httpd/access_log"...

Parsed lines in file: 9 Found 0 dropped records, Found 0 corrupted records, Found 0 old records, Found 9 new qualified records. newest log with data in it ../access_log.1 is dated for Feb 23. My users are only using HTTPS, don't know if it makes a difference.

If I click on update on the Aw Stats page I get this.

Check config file, permissions and AWStats documentation (in 'docs' directory).

I got awstats installed but i can’t seem to get it to update I followed this guide When doing the cron part i enter what it says changing the appropriate parts, so it now looks like [quote]perl /home/carebearcez/awstats/tools/awstats_-config=-update -awstatsprog=/home/carebearcez/awstats/cgi-bin/-dir=/home/carebearcez/[quote] its set to update hourly but it doesn’t you will need to provide the path to perl at least.

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I also run each domain under a different user, but regardless, I like to keep all my activities separate.

This article will explain how to do so or opt out of using Auto SSL.

How to update your Word Press site, using the Word Press tools A list of common log files and their locations.

This may be usefull if you are experiencing trouble with your email. How to change the name of your Word Press site without WP Tools In some cases, you may need to manually enable your Auto SSL.

This article will go over how to enable the Auto SSL setting.

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