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It all started one evening, yes, over a glass of wine, when this adventure unfolded.

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Shelly Eagen and Bonnie Townshend, the brains and the crazy behind "those barn doors".

This barn design was borrowed from England and early or pre 1800 barns utilize true upper transverse tie beams in association with gun-stocked wall posts. This barn may be a lone standing building or may be found joined to other homestead farm buildings known as connected architecture.

The New England barn has an end wall wagon entry which is quite often un-centered on the wall.

Internally the major support structure consists of a series of transverse H-frames where the posts are placed about ten feet from the side walls.

Cows were stabled at one side aisle and horses on the other side aisle.

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I'm inspired by the idea of making people happy by designing furniture and accessories that speak to them ...

Of course, I bring impressive "multi-tasking" skills to our new venture, but more than that, my "claim to fame" is my love of shopping! When we say that this is a labor of love and that it takes a village, we mean it.

As much as this is our venture, it is also one that relies heavily on the good nature and helpfulness of our loving families.

There are several major North American barn types and most of these have representative examples that date to before 1800. At least two barn types apparently have origins that date back to the first half of the seventeenth century in North America. The classic or earliest type is often close to 30 feet by 40 feet but variations in dimensions exist. Barns in cultural areas include much or most of New England, eastern edges of New York State, all of Orange County New York, certain diverse areas of New Jersey and English settled areas south of Pennsylvania.

This barn is of one level only and has a main side wall wagon entry. Barns of this ethnic type can have either common rafter systems or principal rafter systems.

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