Being yourself with men dating Smssex usa

The best you can hope for is a short-term gain that evaporates like Manti Teo’s girlfriend as soon as anyone starts to look too closely.

You may be able to fake the outward trappings of someone else’s identity, but you’re still identity will always overpower whatever canned material you use and create a cognative dissonance between your words and your actions.Humans are complex, layered beings and attractiveness is more than just a matter of physical looks; you can have Jake Gyllenhaal’s face and Ryan Reynold’s abs and still finding out the hard way that Saturday night is the loneliest night of the week because you’re a relentlessly negative asshole that people can’t stand to be around.A person’s identity is more than just what’s on the surface…Your made up identity will be incongruous with who you are inside and no amount of gimmicks or playing to stereotypes will overcome that.Trying to maintain that false persona is mentally exhausting and – more importantly – fundamentally dishonest.

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