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The goal of this article is provide a solution for Christian wives whose husbands have veered off into Israelite hate groups. First of all, before we start, if there is consistent verbal and physical abuse, a wife should separate (1 Corinthians ).

I’m not saying that you are not living godly (because I don’t know your life), but I know being in opposition with your husband, resisting him, refusing to go to meetings and arguing with him will be taken as a lack of submission—and this is all the enemy will need to convince him he should divorce you. Become a very meek and silent wife (if not already); and all while praying for his deliverance.Instead, this is what you can do: Tell him, Submit to his leadership and become the best wife you can be to him. Then he can’t say, my wife is nagging me and fighting with me; and you can’t be accused of being a jezebel or a witch.As you fervently pray, you could ask God something like this: Have other concerned family and friends join in prayer for him, but do it privately.Check out my studies and research on the origins of Christianity.OK, so now that we know why your husbands are apart of these groups, we can talk about how to deal with it. Yes, this is the initial reaction we have when we see our loved ones in religious error, but after they’ve rejected clear scriptures, it’s time to let the Holy Spirit work.

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