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By viewing the frustrating and worrisome elements of adolescence as "blessings," Mogel reveals that they are in fact necessary steps in psychological growth and character development to be met with faith, detachment, and a sense of humor rather than over-involvement and anxiety. But most of the advice parents and educators hear about teens is outdated and unscientific — and simply doesn’t work.

Mogel gives parents the tools to do so and offers reassuring spiritual and ethical advice. Acclaimed adolescent psychiatrist and educator Jess Shatkin brings more than two decades’ worth of research and clinical experience to the subject, along with cutting-edge findings from brain science, evolutionary psychology, game theory, and other disciplines — plus a widely curious mind and the perspective of a concerned dad himself.

And how does a family recover from the wounds afflicted by addiction and get on with their lives?

David Sheff has written a powerful and moving family portrait that will resonate soundly with all readers and is sure to become a classic.

The Available Parent: Expert Advice for Raising Successful and Resilient Teens and Tweens. John Duffys The Available Parent will help you negotiate the ever-changing landscape of the teenage years.

Imagine healthy conversations replacing angry outbursts, slammed doors, obsessive texting or sullen silence.

Its no wonder that many parents approach their childs adolescence with fear and trepidation.

He also presents practical solutions, sharing strategies which educators have found effective in re-engaging these boys at school, as well as handy tips for parents about everything from homework, to videogames, to medication.In BRAINSTORM, Siegel illuminates how brain development impacts teenagers behavior and relationships.Drawing on important new research in the field of interpersonal neurobiology, he explores exciting ways in which understanding how the teenage brain functions can help parents make what is in fact an incredibly positive period of growth, change, and experimentation in their childrens lives less lonely and distressing on both sides of the generational divide.Duffys step-by-step guide is an innovative approach to taking care of teens and an amazingly honest and exquisitely written account of a family’s torturous journey through addiction.

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