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Hopefully when we put the new one together it will run.The customer service at Briggs and Stratton is horrible.540CC Platinum Series Head Gasket Problem - I purchased a Craftsman 42" Zero Turn lawn mower in 2012. Wouldn’t start this year so found out pump needed replaced.After bringing it home and it not staying running we returned it to find out that the gas line was leaking. I also wasted two weekends trying to power wash our house. After contacting Troy Bilt, was told Briggs and Stratton makes the power washer and called them for some kind of apology or compensation. We spent over 0 and hours of aggravation on this piece of equipment for nothing.Figured given Sears had been in the business forever that they knew who to source quality mowers from, guess not.I just finished getting back my mower after its second blown head gasket.Because of this I empty out the gas and oil which I have NEVER done in the past.

The tech repairing the gasket said the probable cause is the distance between bolts holding down the head - poor design. Had mower about 4 years but I had a lawn man so I didn't use it often.

I live in Canada, how many times do you think I cut my grass but after 3 years the first one went - 0 plus tax.

Now last week it went again, another 0 plus tax.

Can't sell it, Sears is out of business, who's going to buy it. I've got two separate issues with two separate pieces of equipment.

Guess I need to start saving for the next one, gasket that is. Never had a problem for the last 30 years until I bought a new B&S equipped lawn mower and a B&S equipped edger last year. I bought a Yard Machines push mower three years ago after building my house.

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