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She hasn't even made her first appearance on the show and already Brooke Bailey is caught up in some drama...In the previews for the next season of Basketball Wives LA video model Brooke Bailey claims former Detroit Piston Vernon Macklin is her man.I don't think Jackie is going to be coming back to the party.I think she's just going to skate off into the sunset!Malaysia tries to explain that Jackie came across as haughty and unapologetic.She is at least very patient with Jackie, and the pair decides that Jackie should try to plan some one-on-one time with her former bestie Laura. Draya Michele is catching up with Brooke to get her take on the ladies.

They go from chatting about how Malaysia should have given Gloria a head's up to bashing Jackie's fashion sense.

Vernon is easy on the eyes…I may have to start watching actual basketball.

Brooke likes that he isn't around 24/7, so they don't get sick of one another.

shes is like any other groupie unlike Maria shes smart not to get pregnant by a guy she is just sleeping with.

she is using a man as a platform to further her career you guys are bashing Brooke but in order for her to show her Dating Vernon on the show he had to approve.

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