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This can, for instance, happen when you coincidentally press CTRL C during installation.

The installation can be later completed, and the "partial-*" package will disappear, or it can be removed with pkg_delete(8).

Packages can be easily managed with the help of several utilities: In order to run properly, application X may require that other applications Y and Z be installed.

Application X is said to be dependent on these other applications, which is why Y and Z are called dependencies of X. This will, among other things, prevent the dependencies of a package from being deleted before the package itself has been deleted.

The ports FAQ explains flavors in detail, but it basically means they're configured with different sets of options.

For example, a package might have optional database support, support for systems without X11, etc.

In turn, Y may require other applications P and Q, and Z may require application R to function properly. This helps ensure that an application cannot be accidentally broken by a careless user.

Not all possible packages are necessarily available on the mirror servers.For some packages, important additional information will be given about the configuration or use of the application.# pkg_add jove jove- ok --- jove- ------------------- See /usr/local/share/jove/README about changes to /etc/rc or /etc/rc.local so that the system recovers jove files on reboot after a system crash .The ports collection does not go through the same thorough security audit that is performed on the Open BSD base system.Although we strive to keep the quality of the packages high, we just do not have enough resources to ensure the same level of robustness and security.

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