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In most cases, patent assertion cases are not black or white — win or lose. A lawsuit can cost hundreds of thousands or millions to file and pursue.

You might have a 85% confidence that FB violated a patent of yours, but to even pursue it it’s going to cost you a lot of money.

It should never be used as a marketplace to exchange people’s rights — like Facebook is intending.

Facebook is pushing a licensing model called “BSD patents” in all their projects, including the wildly popular React.“BSD patents” essentially means that the code is open (for everyone to see and use), but it’s copyrighted by Facebook.

So if you want to keep your options open…I particularly like Preact, but I’m not sure if Facebook holds any software patents on the Virtual DOM or the React APIs.

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If your product is built on React, acquiring you means losing these rights, and this is something they might not be prepared to do.

The BSD license grants you a copyright usage license.

Additionally, they grant you a patent license as long as you’re by never suing Facebook for patent infringement.

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