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Religion – While looking for a co-parent, the question of religion and belief is important to consider.

Being raised between two or more parents with different beliefs can be quite difficult for your child to manage.

Although you might not have a father in the picture, your support group will consist of other family members, friends and other people in your life.

Don’t hesitate to ask friends to hold your hand through the doctor’s appointments, or to ask others around you to help you through the birth.

Choose somebody with whom you are close to serve as your pregnancy and labour coach, and don’t forget that one friend doesn’t have to do it all, you can have a team with you to cheer you on through the hardest, and the best, stages of your pregnancy and your childbirth.

If you have chosen to go down the route of anonymous donation in order to have your child, you might be worrying about how your child will cope with the fact that they don’t have any way of getting to know their biological father.

Children will pick up on your feelings and absorb them into their subconscious, ultimately impacting the way that they feel.

Many single mothers do find a partner after having a child, or even after having two.

With Co, you are able to look for a co-parent who matches your expectations regarding your future child’s upbringing.

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Although your future child will grow up in two different homes, they will be raised and cared for by dedicated, loving parents. Some people do not wish their surrogate mother or sperm donor to play a role in their child’s upbringing.

Some men may wish to donate their sperm but aren't looking to raise a child.

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