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Machines rebuilt by NCR were returned to “as new” condition, and likewise got new serial numbers.The Model number mentioned above tells what type of machine the cash register is.Often times there is a label, like that in Photo C, which indicates when the machine was sold, to whom it was sold, or who was the agent that sold it, along with model numbers and finish types.However, it should be noted that this label was not always filled out completely.Once you are approved (usually within an hour of signing up) your profile is made live on Rent

On most machines, this number is located on a small plate located just below the indicators on the front of the machine.

The final digit, “2,” can refer to many things ranging from the denominations on the keys to specific options or improvements.

Without a catalog it is sometimes hard to decipher the specific meanings of the coding.

If your serial number begins with an “S” or an “FR” use this Chart B to learn when the machine was rebuilt.

Unfortunately, when NCR rebuilt a machine they would remove the old serial number making it very hard to determine when the machine was originally built.

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