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From within Windows Media Center, open the Music Library and select the CD. So to change the rip settings, we’ll need to do so in Media Player. From within Windows Media Player, click on Tools from Menu bar, and select Options. You can follow the progress as each track is being converted.

If you haven’t previously ripped a CD in Windows 7 with either Windows Media Center or Windows Media Player, you’ll be prompted to select whether or not you’d like to add copy protection. If you are new to Windows Media Player 12, check out our beginner’s guide on how to manage your music with WMP 12. When the CD is finished you’re ready to start enjoying your music any time you wish in Windows 7 Media Center.

Select the Rip Music tab and choose your output format from the Format drop down list. Looking for some more tasks you can perform in Media Center with just a remote?

You can also select the Audio quality (bit rate) by moving the slider bar under Audio quality. Check out our earlier post on how to crop, edit, and print photos in Windows Media Center.

Even though it is now a registered trademark of Gracenote, Inc., this term is still used to describe an online resource which helps to automatically identify music.

You can also click “Select Files” or “Select Folder” to browse your music.

This system was initially designed for a music player that he developed called XMCD -- this was a combined CD player and ripping tool.

An online version of CDDB was eventually developed with the help of Steve Scherf and Graham Toal to produce a freely available online database that software programs could use to look up CD information.

It would take you a considerable amount of time to type in the names of all your songs as well as all the other metadata information that is typically hidden inside audio files.

When the CD format was created there wasn't the need (or foresight) to include metadata information such as song title, album name, artist, genre, etc.

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