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This was definitely one of those moments where we all reached out to each other and we’re like “This feels pretty special.”2017 has been quite a journey and couldn’t be more appreciative to be recognized by the @recordingacademy this morning not just once, but twice!

-- Huge shout out to everyone that played a role in this amazing moment.

There will definitely be some songs in the future that will have horns, just because now we’ve found that we love having them in the live show, but I don’t necessarily think that it’s a change of direction for us as a group – I think it’s more, if anything, solidifying that we need to take chances more.

And it’s a validation that you guys do versatility well.

15, with the holidays approaching and Scott expecting twins early next year -- they made sure to celebrate together via text."There was a lot of text messages back and forth between us and friends and family just saying, ' I’m proud of you,'" Kelley tells producer Busbee, who also produced Maren Morris' "I Could Use a Love Song," which is up for best country solo performance this year."It’s a pretty big moment for him as a producer and songwriter," he says.

And while both Busbee and Lady Antebellum have celebrated Grammy wins before, this nomination achieved a goal they set upon beginning the creation of .

Mike Busbee, our producer, instilled a lot of confidence in us with this record as we were making it.

I remember when we put it out, I said, I’m really curious to see what people think about this [] because I love it, but you never know what people are going to think.One thing I love about the Grammys is that they love to recognize old, risky music.I don’t know that that necessarily means that us as a band are gravitating towards horns in our music moving forward, I think that was just a time and a place.” You feel that level of confidence when you’re making a record.Of course, as we were making this record we felt like we were making something special.

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