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“It only takes one instance of inattention at just the wrong time.” Learning to drive safely takes years of practice, Simons-Morton adds.

“The dilemma is that teens only learn by driving, but the more they drive the greater their risk.” One solution is to limit the conditions under which teens are allowed to drive.

Earlier that month, Yahoo removed or barred the posting of 70,000 rooms whose names suggested illegal conduct, including the promotion of sex between adults and children.

Yahoo agreed to prescreen user-created chat room names, to reject names encouraging sexual activity between adults and children and, on finding chat rooms encouraging such activity, to purge them within 24 hours.

It also agreed to develop education materials promoting the safe use of chat rooms.

Simons-Morton and other NIH-funded scientists have developed a program called Checkpoints, which helps parents to set safe limits for the first year after teens are licensed.

The program restricts driving under risky conditions: at night, with other teens in the car, during bad weather and on high-speed roads.

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