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Stephen's Church at 3rd and 0 Street, with Father Azevedo officiating. Elizabeth's Church was finished at the time but had not yet been consecrated. Her uncle lived at Riverbed in Yolo County across from the brickyard.They moved into an upstairs room in Elsie's mother's house. Before Manuel and Elsie met, Elsie had attended Lincoln and Harkness Schools in Sacramento, while her mother worked at the cannery and took in washing. She recalled walking to his ranch from Sacramento via the I Street bridge.All of Elsie's children were attended at home by Dr.Mc Clean, except Clarence, whom she had in the hospital.Elsie many years later said she had always wanted to own a store, even when she as a young girl.Whether or not that was the persuading factor, they got married in 1913 at St.

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This branch of the Machado family bore the nickname "Jora," apparently applied originally to Manuel Machado's grandfather in the Azores. At age 20, he left his bride of one year in Pico, and went to sea, spending two months ona schooner before leaving the ship in Massachusetts.The nature of the business began to change in the early 1930s, switching from farm trade offering provisions, hay and grain, to more of a local walk-in grocery store, and Manuel pretty much stayed in the store.Manuel got the hay from a 40-acre ranch he owned in Natomas, later sold during the Depression.Eight years later he sent for his wife who, as a grass widow in Pico, was required by custom to wear a black shawl, refrain from wearing bright clothing, or go dancing.He later sent for his sister Marian, who married a Marciel.

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