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KC Montero said in an interview last February of the rumor: But now that Rhian already comes out in the open that they are now exclusively dating, what will KC now say?Actress Rhian Ramos and Radio/Tv host KC Montero decided to end their 1 year and 9 months relationship.

Something unique to the social networking world that Cherry TAP does well, is the ability to educate users of new widgets and tips on filling in their profile.

In case anyone is wondering, I wrote this brief review on Cherry TAP voluntarily, it happens to be they turned out good.

If you want to suggest for me to voluntarily review your site, let me know and I just might get around to it.

Maybe a bit too friendly for my liking, but that’s OK.

As with many social networking sites, the folks who are singles want to mingle, and this site makes it easy for everyone to join.

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