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See also: Celebs Who Hate the Kardashians Justin Timberlake is probably the only celebrity on the Hollywood herpes tree who’s had two chances to get the infection.

He’s married to Jessica Biel, who was also linked by rumors to Gerard Butler.

Evans began his career on the 2000 television series Opposite Sex, and in addition to his work in superhero films, he has featured in such films as Not Another Teen Movie (2001), Sunshine (2007), Scott Pilgrim vs.

After dating Jeter, Jessica Alba became part of the Hollywood herpes tree, and rumors began circulating about her use of Valtrex.

Luckily for Heche, the abuse stopped before her father contracted HIV and died from AIDS.

While the actress also claimed at one time that she was Celestia, the half-sister of Jesus Christ, the herpes is definitely real.

Evans performed his own fight scenes, which took weeks to film, and was bruised during filming.

In 2010, he completed filming on co-directors Mark Kassen and Adam Kassen's Puncture in Houston, Texas.

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