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He saw his aunt Rosemary go from superstar to has-been to psychiatric patient to respected elder. But now you can't get away with it there." He pauses."I did get my balls done, though. It's the new thing in Hollywood -- ball ironing."Clooney has also been accused of having hair plugs.

That libel came after his role in Syriana, for which -- to appear more schlubby -- he shaved back the hair on his temples.

A You Tube commentator has written: I precisely found it pretty awful. "If you want to see angry, look up Batman & Robin," Clooney says. The most popular review on Amazon: I finally understand this movie. Not to mention the upcoming release of Leatherheads, the first movie he's directed since his Oscar winner, Good Night, and Good Luck, in 2005. Yet the terrible thing about the Internet is that even a priori truths are called into question. Once it switches languages and loses all sense of irony, and it's bouncing back and forth....

It's the kind of thing that Ed Wood would have directed if someone had handed him umpty-million dollars and not applied any adult supervision. "That's hilarious." Because of his various battles with the tabloids, I'd always considered Clooney to be prickly about criticism. In some ways, he's the most self-aware of celebrities, and he knows that getting trashed is part of the game. Clooney's stock is trading at , down from a career high in 2000, the year of The Perfect Storm and O Brother, Where Art Thou? We are logged on to a Facebook group called "George Clooney is NOT the sexiest man alive." "Ninety-four members," says Clooney as he looks at the photo of himself with a red X through it. "He reads the site's manifesto aloud: I for one am sick and tired of George Clooney thinking hes the sexiest man alive, like jesus hes so old! They used to say you can't make a joke in print, but you can get away with it on film.

'I predict the death of the guy who stands under an elephant.'"But is there perhaps another reason he won't commit? It's his second stealth trip to Darfur but his first to Khartoum, the highly unstable capital of Sudan. "I'm nervous because [the UN] is nervous," he says. But the Ocean's movies are a cancer to world culture. "You kind of go, Dude, weren't you in Dunston Checks In? Three seconds later: "Oh."Another two seconds: "Oh, my GOD! Clooney tells him he just watched the most repulsive video he's ever seen. "I want to go at least one second more than George." "I've got to watch Stan watch it," Clooney says, recomposing himself.

I show him a site called "George Clooney is GAY GAY GAY." Clooney starts to read: George Clooney's life parallels Rock Hudson's way too much to be a coincidence. They're destroying us, Everett told The Independent. " Clooney's been pretty comfortable with all this so far. "It's like the rodeo -- see how long you can last." Rosenfield lasts three full seconds before walking out.

He was married once to some unknown actress -- He breaks off: "No, Talia is not unknown. He's not easily thrown by his own fame or by the brutal assessments of the fame obsessed. I realize that I've spent a couple of hours showing Clooney sites about Clooney, but I haven't asked him, Does he ever go on the Internet? Up pops a video of a chimp sticking his finger up his butt, smelling it, then promptly passing out. "He just smells it and goes woooah and flops off the side. " he asks."No," I tell him, "but it's so disturbing. I can't watch it again." "I want to see it." Well, he asked. Clooney, having regarded himself all morning, now just watches, doubled over with laughter.

"Actually, I pulled out my report cards," says Clooney. He had some excruciating headaches and suffered short-term memory loss. "George Clooney" pops up on nearly 11 million sites on the Internet.

So that's not so bad." Clooney injured himself on Syriana's set, during a torture scene, in 2004. Its infinite madness could disintegrate a man's personality.

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