College dating high school

One of the most exciting parts of dating in college is that you don’t have to get your parents' stamp of approval.

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You can start fresh with this new person and learn about each other without little things like school gossip getting in the way.

College dating comes with its own very grown-up differences compared to high school, but recognizing the excitement along with the responsibility can ensure that you find that perfect love in no time.

When we move from our little high school ponds into a vast college sea, you can bet there’s gonna be plenty more fish in that sea to meet!

Just make sure to clarify your intentions to your date and be sure you understand what they want as well!

With so many new people around you, you’re bound to find your perfect type in no time, right? In fact, it would probably benefit you more to try dating different people instead of expecting a “ready-made” perfect type of person from the get-go.

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