Consolidating democracy south korea

First, a democracy should be evaluated by indicators such as the existence of clean and open elections, the degree to which elections affect the chief executive, and freedom of association and of expression.This approach also includes four other dimensions of democracy, such as (the process wherein political decisions are made for the common good).Moon Jae-in, the leading candidate, is polling at 32 percent, far ahead of his next-closest opponents, Ahn Hee-Jung (17 percent), Ahn Cheol-soo (9 percent), and acting president Hwang Kyo-ahn (9 percent).But the election also represents a greater test — or, depending on your vantage point, greater example — of South Korea’s development as a democracy. From its founding in 1948 as the Republic of Korea (having been divided from North Korea following liberation after World War II from Japanese Imperial rule), South Korea had struggled to realize substantive democracy.During her time in office, the Park administration suppressed media that spoke critically of the government.Japanese correspondent Tatsuya Kato was brought up on charges of defamation for a 2014 article about rumors of Park’s whereabouts during the 2014 Sewol Ferry sinking.Democracy Going Forward This is not the first time a South Korean president has been impeached, but it is the first time one has been removed from office.In 2004, Roh Moo-hyun was charged with violating national election laws against presidential partiality in parliamentary elections when he encouraged support behind the small Uri Party (which supported Park).

Democracy is not only measured by regular elections, but might also take into consideration the degree to which the various governmental branches and organs are responsive to the will of the people, protect individual rights, and make decisions for the common good.Domestic activists as well as international human rights groups were incensed by the increasingly visible violence, particularly the death of two student activists — one as the result of waterboarding techniques during torture for information, one as the result of injuries sustained from a tear gas grenade used to suppress demonstration at Yonsei University in Seoul.In 1987, Roh Tae-woo, who graduated in the same 1955 class of the Korean Military Academy as Chun, took a proposal of reforms to Chun.Though later acquitted of the charges in court, the incident revealed legal pathways, including criminal defamation laws, to suppress and prosecute persons critical of the government.The government has also been charged with blacklisting nearly 10,000 artists critical of the Park government.

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