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The actual Medicare Tax obligation will be determined during your tax filing. (Source: Please direct all inquiries to the Morgan Stanley Tax Reporting Service Center at 1-877-772-1099 or 1-801-617-7467, Monday through Friday from a.m. Una Vista’s Rules Engine Solution can take a firms’ raw data from multiple internal sources and enrich, validate, and normalize this data using LSEG reference data and business and regulatory rules logic to organize this information and put it into the format required for CAT reporting.Una Vista’s Rules Engine Solution can help reduce a firm’s costs and operational risks.

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Types of reports expected: Una Vista has a range of services to help firms with their global regulatory reporting.

Data translation and management The CAT regulation requires the reporting of a broad range of data, impacting a firm’s processes surrounding data collection, data management, and data quality.

Firms will undoubtedly need to source this data from multiple source systems and standardize the data into a single format quickly and efficiently.

CAT is being implemented to address the lack of consolidated information available to regulators for market reconstruction and surveillance.

Currently, regulators have no single point of reference to meet the comprehensive market data requirements necessary for effective regulatory surveillance.

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