Consolidating multiple pdf files

However, you may run into the situation where you would like to consolidate several Photos folders located in different locations on the computer. Another method of finding your Current “Photos” folder is by going to My Computer and opening up the X: Drive.

The X: Drive is a temporary virtual drive that is a shortcut to the location you have setin the network options in the setup tab.

This may be common for an analyst or manager working in financial planning and analysis (FP&A) or other accounting functions.Multi-page documents are indicated by a plus sign ( ) just above the file icon.A banner over the thumbnail indicates the number of pages or slides.The location of this Photos folder can be easily changed to store data in another drive or another folder under the network options in the setup tab.This can be useful for storing your data in a place where there is more storage. The network options in the setup tab will indicate which folder is the Current “Photos” folder.

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