Couples therapy after 3 months of dating

The success rate depends on many factors, say counsellors: the couple themselves, the counsellor, the problems they’re facing, the timing, the kind of counselling they undergo.

One other important factor is the relationship between the counsellor and the couple, says Moore, who is based in Co Laois.

What do you think is unsatisfactory or good about the relationship now? For Luke, who attended counselling with his now-wife Danielle before getting married, deciding whether or not counselling is worth the expense (a session can cost €70 to €80) is about priorities.

“We couldn’t really afford it, but we couldn’t afford not to.” Here, two couples and two individuals share their perspectives on couples counselling. Cathy and Seán underwent marriage counselling in 2013, after a period of financial and personal strain.

I got counselling at Pieta House and that helped me to function, just to help me keep my head above water.

We had two very small children – one very planned and one, a year later, very unplanned.Things got worse financially before they got better, but the initial counselling had set us up somewhat to be prepared for the storm that came.The counselling was a help but at the end of the day, that’s all it ever can be.“I emphasise that I do not contact anybody outside the session, and I don’t take sides.That’s often a client’s biggest fear.” Mary Johnston of Accord adds that a successful counselling experience “is where both partners feel safe, listened to and respected and where they each get a chance to express their feelings and views in a confidential setting”. “Remember, the work you do between sessions is more important than the work you do in session.

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