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I believe there is a way to get the LAN user ID of a user from within an Oracle query.I thought the variable was called OSUSER or OS_USER. Good Day, I have a Apex application I wrote where a form is completed, submit is pressed and a process kicks of a perl script as external procedure.The form requests IP Address and SNMP Community string only. 4)Is it possible to open cursor which is in package in another procrdure? Hi TOM :)Resourse: 1) i have a table that was milions of records of the clients 2) and i have a CSV with only 1,200 clients 3) i don't have permitions to create a table.This has the benefit of doing most of the work in SQL and only updating based on the rowid, a unique address in the table.It declares a type, which you place the data within in bulk, 10,000 rows at a time. However, as I say this will not be as efficient as Name ; type t__data is table of c_data%rowtype index by binary_integer; t_data t__data; begin open c_data; loop fetch c_data bulk collect into t_data limit 10000; exit when t_data.count = 0; for idx in t_data.first ..

Hi Tom, Recently I attened a inteview , I have given the questions which I'm not able to answer. When using rman ,oracle will use its own processes than the OS questions is what are the advantages oracle is getting by using it own process. Hello, I need some help understanding the synonym behavior.I understand best practice is to initialize a connection from a connection pool by clearing the Application Context. Example, App-server and DB on Oracle cloud and GUI on customer's private cloud....Hi tom, While inserting record in a table when we use append hints, it going for direct path load but when use parallel hints it is going for conventional path load. While insert use should always use Append hints not parallel hints for mass load....I created a Vault policy to block adhoc access to application schema using DB tools like Toad etc.The policy should allow only application connection to DB from application server with IP ... It seems that Oracle has a bug in TO_NUMBER function on strings with trailing CHR(0). Hi, I wanted to get the DDL for all objects in a database schema. GET_DDL to get the DDL from a PL/SQL block but was facing the bellow issue: The return type is HUGECLOB and I need it in a directly viewable form similar to VARCHAR fiel...

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