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Now it’s to the left of the battery and there all the time.

It also has a percent sign(%) next to it and when it drops to 20% or lower, the text turns red.

Fake Carrier is an application that allows you to easily customize both your carrier name and time string in the Status Bar. Once installed, it has three options; Fake Carrier, Fake Time and Show Battery Level.

To change the carrier or time string just open the option, type your custom message into the space provided and select Set.

[Read more…] One of my favorite mods on my jailbreak i Phone is that I can display the exact battery percentage of my battery on the status bar.

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My carrier was still set to “Ahhyeah” and my battery percentage was still in the status bar.

the ability to turn on/off Show Battery and turn on/off Show Percentage.

Since then, an Accuracy feature has been added that allows you to choose if you want the accuracy of your battery percentage to be based on the official SDK or based on more accurate battery percentages like SBSettings numeric battery or the default setting.

However, if you do have status bar notifications, it will push all your notification over to the right and they will overlap on top of each other.

You also cannot see the ninth page indicator dot if you have notifications on your status bar.

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