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A small number of mining hammer stones, shaped by the pecking technique, have been found locally and a bear resemblance to stones found at other site mining sites, such as the Alderley Edge copper mines (Cheshire) and Les Mines De Cabrières (SW, France).

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As a painting pigment, ochre is a mixture of fine clay and iron oxide that exists in four forms: In addition to the Pigment, there are two other elements needed to make a usable paint: the Binder - this is required to keep the paint together and allows it to stick to the surface being painted; the Extender is a liquid that allows the paint to stretch over a larger surface area and typically urine, blood, animal fats or water would be used.One mine in UK where ochre pigments are still extracted by Free Miners is Clearwell Caves (Gloucestershire).Archaeological evidence indicates that mining for ochre began in the Forest of Dean area at least 4,500 years ago.The actual term "cupule" was invented by archeologist Robert G.Bednarikto to describe simple, round hemispheric cavities that used to be known as "pits", "hollows", "cups", "cupels", "cup stones", "pitmarks", "cup marks" - even "pot-holes".

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