Dan and emma dating

Watson, 17, was apparently so concerned not to be recognised that she made an impromptu disguise with her scarf.

The pair, who have always denied they are romantically linked arrived at 10pm at the Imperial Arms, Fulham, West London and spent the night giggling together in the garden."Emma, who was wearing a black top and matching pashmina, kept looking over her shoulder nervously as if she didn't wanted to be recognised.

It racked up 127.6 million views to dethrone Fifty Shades Darker which held the previous record of 114 million.

Radcliffe, 18, and Watson, who plays Hermione in the wizard film franchise, spent an evening huddled together in a London pub.

In 2009, Emma began uploading on a new channel called "These Silent Seas", which is still on You Tube as of June 2018 ( These Silent Seas ).

This channel consists almost solely of music videos.

In May 2012, Blackery made the channel titled Emma Blackery originally with the purpose of uploading home song demos and music videos.

But I would be lying to you if I said, ‘Yeah, we hang out all the time.”Watson however did mention that they have a What Apps Group Chat and she invited everyone to the premiere of Beauty and The Beast, but did mention that the Potter cast are located or filming at different parts of the country and is tough to get them all together.Boxesoffoxes currently has over 240,000 thousand subscribers, and Blackery's three most viewed videos there include: Boy Talk (which features Blackery's now ex-boyfriend Luke Is Not Sexy), Hair Growth (which Blackery talks about a few products she's been using to grow her hair back after shaving it for a charity event), and LBTL (which Blackery 'Lives Below the Line' for five days off of five pounds to raise awareness for poverty).After a five month period of inactivity, Emma rebooted the channel as emmablackery vlogs on 7th June 2016.Emma Blackery's first channel was called "Pink Fluffy Hat Time", so named because she would wear a pink fluffy hat bought for her by her dad in the videos.The channel has since been deleted and Emma has deleted all the videos that were uploaded to that channel.

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