Dating a chick with a kid

She may not be comfortable with public displays of affection around the children until they are used to you.Staying over at the family home may also be unacceptable until the kids adjust to you being in their mom's life.Ask about her likes and dislikes and whether she has any hobbies.Avoid asking questions about the children; concentrate on her and finding out what makes her tick.

Avoid making last-minute or surprise arrangements, while the thought is nice she may be unable to attend at short notice.Until she trusts you completely, and you have been dating a while, you and the kids will be two separate things.Take note of the mother's wishes when you do finally meet her children.A single mom knows exactly what she wants in a new relationship.Her main priority is her children and she will not stand for a man who messes her about, strings her along or assumes she's vulnerable just because she's on her own.

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