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If you’re certain that you have a valuable sword, don’t think twice about sending it for appraisal.

Another option is to inspect the sword yourself to assess if it’s worth something or not.

A good-looking sword with minimal damages on its blade will be priced more than a rusted blade.

Any battle-ready swords are expected to have a certain degree of damages.

Any missing samurai sword component can decrease its price.

A missing guard, or tsuba, will reduce the sword’s price by 10% while a sword without a scabbard, or saya, will be devalued to around 30%.

Moreover, collectors are keen to purchasing new unique and genuine samurai swords further increasing their market value.

Determining the worth of your samurai sword requires a certain degree of expertise that only trained professional appraisers have.

• Wakizashi is a medium-sized sword with a length of 30 to 60 cm.

This medium sword is usually partnered to a katana.

A wakizashi in good condition can fetch a price around USD 700.

Samurai swords were more than just implements of killing, they are also considered symbol of rank and prestige. Engravings on any part of a samurai sword suggest used by a prominent individual and can increase its price by, at least, 5%.

The more elaborate the engravings are, the more expensive the sword becomes. A complete set of samurai sword is highly priced by sword collectors and is always in-demand. You should now have a well-founded opinion of the value of your old samurai sword.

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