Dating a sociopath part 2

Yet when it comes to romantic relationships, there is little to no hope of having a decent relationship with a psychopath.

If someone displays only two or three psychopathic traits (e.g., some of the ones described below), there is room for mental health treatment and potentially a romantic relationship in the future.

These individuals have personalities that are disordered to the point that they relate to people and have expectations that are out of sync with the rest of the world.For example, if you tell a psychopath a story that upset you or seriously hurt your feelings, the psychopath won’t have much of an emotional reaction.He may try to say or do something that sounds empathetic, but it feels shallow and false.They are frustrating and confusing to interact with, and it is extremely challenging to have a romantic relationship with them.At the most severe end of the psychopathic spectrum, the psychopath has no conscience at all.

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