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The approximate time since the organism died can be worked out by measuring the amount of carbon-14 left in its remains compared to the amount in living organisms. I am reading Oliver Sacks’ New York Times op-ed where he shares that his cancer has metastasized to his liver and in a few months he will leave this world.Quite the opposite, his words are dripping with fulfilment and gratitude.Till his last day, he chooses to embrace the world: “It is up to me now to choose how to live out the months that remain to me,” he writes.I want to know without a shadow of a doubt that I did all I could have done. He worked hard, paid his bills, raised and educated three sons to be more conventionally successful than him and retired. He died last year and there weren't oceans of people at his funeral. To "Jewish Mom", I appreciate your perspective and share some of it.Thank you Oliver Sacks for all you have shared so eloquently with us, your readers, bringing the light of your intelligence to some of life's experiences.."so long as men can read and eyes can see, so long lives this, and this gives life to thee." I'm sorry to hear about this mans sickness. But as Rav Noach used to say, "No one knows whose blood is redder than anyone elses." Oliver Sacks fulfilled his unique potential with deep holiness in how he helped all of G-d's children as an innovative physician.Once an organism dies, it stops taking in carbon-14.The carbon-14 it contained at the time of death decays over a long period of time, and the radioactivity of the material decreases.

I am so full at the moment, brimming with dreams and plans and hopes and goals.

I want so much – for myself, for my relationships, for my children. I find myself pushing off my dreams to another day.

Oliver Sacks does not live in the world of “another day.” He faces death with courage and serenity because he is living a life replete with vitality.

the World of Truth or the Afterworld) is the relationship that one has built during his/her lifetime with our Creator.

Oliver Sacks calls himself "an old Jewish atheist" and in February 2010, Sacks was named as one of the Freedom From Religion Foundation's Honorary Board of distinguished achievers.

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