Dating differences between us uk

Some lighters made in 1946 also had the earlier 14 hole chimney. One final alteration is the screw used to hold the flint spring, I have found 2 sizes of this screw, the most common is 6.4mm in diameter but there is also one that is 8mm in diameter.So far, I have only found the larger one on 1951 lighters.In the spring of 1946, it was discovered that many of the lighters being returned for repair were suffering from faulty flint wheels.

Companies planning an anniversary celebration would start the planning and ordering the souvenirs a lot earlier than the date of the anniversary, for this reason a lighter engraved 1956, may have been produced in 1955.Starting to look at the base stamps in detail, we see below 4 bases that at first glance appear very similar.By carefully aligning the lighters to a common (Red) base line we can start to see the small differences., This was when the "Canned bottom" (where the base of the lighter is indented) was introduced, and all lighters made before this date had either a flat (1933-1942) or a round (1942-1945) bottom.These earlier lighters are quite rare and will be covered on a separate page.

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