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We have seen this type of harassment of religious groups before, when the City of Houston sought internal communications from pastors and churches during a lawsuit to which they were not parties—actions reasonably expected to harass these pastors and chill their activities in violation of the First Amendment.

The fact that the Fifth Circuit’s ruling was decided by one vote should remind us all of the importance of confirming good jurists like Judges Jones and Ho, and the cost of not doing so.

Thank you for your prayers and for your continued support of Articles On Trump’s pick of Kavanaugh, conservatives should trust but verify – Tony Perkins Forcing faith-based agencies out of the system is a disservice to women – Mary Beth Waddell In Win for Religious Freedom, Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Reminds Us Why Judicial Nominations Matter – Travis Weber Why California Senate Bill 320 is Harmful to Women’s Mental Health – Sarah Stewart Why the Hysteria Over Poll: Ensure All Adoption Agencies Can Continue to Serve Families and Children – Elizabeth Fender, Heritage Foundation Families Warn of ‘Devastating’ Consequences If Adoption Agencies Are Shut Down Over Gay Marriage Beliefs – Stoyan Zaimov, Decision to live together negatively affects wealth accumulation – Iowa State University Congress should end marriage penalties in the tax code and welfare system – Erik Randolph, Georgia Center for Opportunity 277 Arrested In Huge Florida Undercover Sex Trafficking Sting – Fight the New Drug In Minnesota, Porn Is Now Officially Recognized As A Contributor To Human Trafficking – Fight the New Drug One Train Passenger’s Tweet Saved 25 Girls From Human Trafficking – Fight the New Drug My Life Isn’t Your Porn” – Thousands of Women are Protesting Spycam Pornography – Lana Lichfield, National Center on Sexual Exploitation Smartphones have given your teen daughter a secret life – and it’s destroying her – Jonathon Van Maren, Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled in favor of the freedom of the Texas Conference of Catholic Bishops to live out their faith as it pertains to pro-life issues.

Close votes like this remind us of the importance of judicial nominations, along with why it matters that we have judges who understand religious freedom law.

After Texas passed a law requiring the remains of unborn children to be properly cared for, pro-abortion groups challenged it, and used the lawsuit to harass and compel information from the Texas Conference of Catholic Bishops ( wasn’t even a party to the case, but out of animus against its pro-life work, the pro-abortion groups tried to force it to turn over all sorts of internal communications which normally would not be disclosed as part of the discovery process.

The First Amendment expressly guarantees the free exercise of religion—including the right of the Bishops to express their profound objection to the moral tragedy of abortion, by offering free burial services for fetal remains.We should pause before advocating to a generation of young women that their success in any way may require sacrificing the life of their own child.The bill keeps women in the dark as to what is really at stake.The Senate Health Committee bill analysis states, “women should not have to wait additional time or travel long distances when they may have already decided to end their pregnancy.” The California legislative website provides six bill analyses with similar claims, all of which address the physical safety for women who undergo this procedure.Yet neither the bill nor the analyses provided address the mental health concerns caused by abortion.

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